Pipe Bollards

Pipe Bollards

Pipe Bollards, sometimes called Bumper Posts or Pipe Guards, are designed for security, protection from vehicle ramming, traffic control, and pedestrian safety. Bollards styles range from utilitarian for basic security needs to aesthetically designed barriers that add color, texture,  and architectural interest without compromising safety and protection.

Lighted bollards are ideal to line a walkway or parking area where there is heavy pedestrian traffic at night. Lighted bollards can be used in parking lots, exterior accents or along sidewalks.

Manually Retractable Security Bollards are appropriate for medium security installations where occasional vehicle access must be blocked and complete removal of the bollard cylinder is not necessary. The bollard lifts easily and locks into place. The retracted bollard is covered by a recessed locking lid with a tamper-resistant key for extra security. Manually retractable bollards are easily lifted from the ground and locked into place. With a simple twist the bollard cylinder retracts flush into the surface. The cover is locked into place and access is open to vehicles of all types. It is effective in applications such as street fairs, farmer's markets and other situations where pedestrians or property must be protected from vehicle incursion. This medium-security retractable bollard is also effective in areas where power may be lost or is not available.

Virtually any finish can be applied to pipe bollards - including sandblasted bare, primed, finish painted, galvanized, and other special coatings.