TAC Services installs chain link, wood privacy, ranch, barbed wire, PVC, and wrought iron fencing from leading manufacturers such as:

  • Master Halco, Inc.
  • Jameison Manufacturing
  • Barnes Pipe & Steel Supply
  • Stephens Pipe & Steel, LLC
  • Binford Fence Supply, Ltd

IMPASSE™ for Anti-Ram Applications

Impasse_The IMPASSE™ is designed for high-risk security applications. It is the most suited first line of defense to surround military installations, government complexes, airports or seaports, nuclear or chemical plants, munitions facility or armory, reservoir, or other facility in need of the utmost protection from the possibility of attack.

Impasse™ is one of only a few commercially manufactured and nationally available fence systems in America certified to meet U.S. Department of State Perimeter Barrier Vehicle Crash Test Requirements.